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Didgeridoo Making Tutorial

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Video Tutorial Includes:   

  • Reasons why Aussie, termite hollowed blanks are so special
  • Overview of the whole crafting process
  • Tools you will need and how
    to use them
  • Use of the drawknife—tips and advanced techniques
  • Consumables you will need
  • How to fill holes and deal with other imperfections


  • How to remove the bark
  • Docking the blank
  • How to create a bark bottom
  • How to 'key' your didgeridoo to a musical note
  • Enlarging the bell end
  • Smoothing the outside
  • Sealing the inside
  • How to form a beeswax mouthpiece
  • Sealing the outside

In-depth and Practical

During this in-depth, hands-on practical workshop, our presenter Alex Murchison will guide you through the entire didgeridoo making process.


Genuine Australian Blanks

Beginning with a genuine Australian termite hollowed blank that has been well seasoned, you will learn how to strip the bark off, smooth it, seal it, key it and put a beeswax mouthpiece on it.  Alex takes you through all the steps you need to make your own playable, quality didge.

Over 1 hr of Practical Tuition

 Packed with over 1 hour of practical tuition, we talk about the different tools and consumables you will need and how to use them.  These tips and trade secrets will give you the ability and knowledge to create your own unique gift of nature.



Cost - $25

You can download or stream the didge making tutorial for this one off cost.

To purchase, just go to our online shop.

Check out a sample of the workshop below......

Interested in Making Your Own Didgeridoo?

If you are, you may be interested in our 'Make Your Own Didgeridoo Kit'  which includes this tutorial, along with a blank, drawknife, and beeswax.

Either click on the link above or go to our online shop to find out more.


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