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Didgeridoo Blanks

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  1. General information

Our Blanks or Raw Didgeridoos are collected from central NSW usually in autumn when the sap is not active in the trees.  The trees collected are only genuine termite hollowed—we do not bore out the blanks to make them useable.  We collect both Mallee, and Box Tree blanks.

  1. Seasoning

Blanks are sold well seasoned (at least 6 months), unless otherwise requested.  We leave the bark on them so they season slower.

  1. Size

Our blanks come in all shapes and sizes—just like people! We collect them in varying lengths and leave them to season in the natural environment. Generally they will be between 1.1m and 2m long, but most are around 1.5m to 1.6m in length. We are happy to cut to length for a fee also.

  1. Cost

Our blanks are $95 each individually.  We also offer a wholesale service, so please contact us if you wish to buy wholesale quantities (10+).  We also offer special blanks that are best handpicked, but we are happy to work with you to find what you want if you cannot come to personally pick one.  These are individually priced up to $500.  The higher priced ones are generally nice shaped Grey Box or Mallee blanks.

  1. Quality control

We make it a point to ensure that all our blanks have a good sized, natural hole down the entire length of the stick.  We do our best to check that this is the case with every blank, but also know that we cannot always see down the whole length due to bends.  Because of this we offer 10% extra with our bulk orders.  So for 10 we give you 11, or for 30 we give you 33 etc.  For orders of less then 10 we of course cannot do this.

I have seen some pretty bad blanks in my time and do not wish to sell even one bad one, so we are really open to working with you to make sure that you are happy with the product, and want to come back again to us as your supplier.

  1. Types and categories available

We sell both Mallee and Box tree blanks. The Box tree blanks are mainly Grey Box, but sometimes these trees are really hard to identify, so there may be some Black Box and Bimble Box in there too.

We sell in a number of categories—

  1. Standard blanks ($95)
  2. Blanks suitable for a wooden mouthpiece (internal hole size of approx. between 25mm and 40mm at mouthpiece end) ($100 - $500)
  3. Special, individually priced “A Grade” blanks for those who want to make that special didge. ($100 - $500). We do not recommend customers buy the premium blanks until they are confident and competent as didgeridoo makers, just because it is a lot of money invested to lose if their blank is damaged!
  4. Yidaki style blanks.  These have an internal mouthpiece diametre size of approx. between 25mm and 40mm and are of large diametre on the outside at the bell end, (From approx. 85mm and larger) ($200 - $650)
  5. Blanks for carving ($95). These blanks have thicker walls and are generally heavier blanks with a smaller hole up the centre.
  6. Short blanks for higher keys and kids ($55).
  1. Beeswax

We are able to supply natural, raw beeswax if you have a need for this.  We recommend that beeswax be used to form the mouthpieces.  This is available in our online shop.

  1. Delivery for bulk orders

 We are based on the Mid North Coast, and can arrange for you to pick up bulk orders from there, or arrange delivery for a fee, depending on your location.  Talk to us about it when you make your bulk order. 

  1. Pictures

Below are some pictures to give an idea of the range and appearance of our blanks.

Mallee Blanks


Interested in Making Your Own Didgeridoo?

If you are, you may be interested in our 'Make Your Own Didgeridoo Kit'  which includes this tutorial, along with a blank, drawknife and beeswax. 

Either click on the link above or go to our online shop to find out more.


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